Thursday, May 24, 2007

Distilled Publishing -- on Vacation

I found out today that although Powell's Books loved the book and definitely wanted to have it in their bookstores, I am still going to have a challenge meeting their prices given that I am a self-publisher.

As with other bookstores, it has never been a question of the quality of the book or its content, but the price I can offer it to them. Self-publishing doesn't make it easy for the little-guy to break into major retail bookstores. But I am still working to find an alternate publisher (anyone know of any here in Portland?)

The book will remain available through the link here on this blog at the lowest price I can offer. In the past two weeks I have sold more than in the past month, so thank you to those who made those purchases!

For the next week I will be out of reach of the Internet, and most importantly out of reach from my day job. To everyone out there have a safe and relaxing Memorial Weekend. Be back in a week.
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Doc M, phd said...

maybe this is a loaded question, but why self publish? I see so much crap in book stores, why wouldn't a publisher take on a great book like yours? Too limited of a market?

Great blog, keep it coming! said...

Thanks Doc. I self-published because the original goal for me was to make a book for me and my friends, the whole thing started out a little more than my own personal art project. Of course once I started, as I do with most things in my life, I threw myself into the work and when I came out on the other side I had the book I have today. Then people started suggesting I try and market it... 12 months later here I am, and now I have thrown myself into the blogging world as well, which I am enjoying. With all that said, the buyer at Powell's gave me some information on publishers here in town which I am actually going to call this morning. Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, down on Yeon.