Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Heart of Darkness" - written with LEGO-style

I found this the other day in my publisher's bookstore. If you have any familiarity with some of the recent LEGO phenomena (see LEGO Star Wars II), or perhaps like myself you are into writing and self-publishing your own work, you really should check out what Kevin McMillin has put together.

Apocalypse Now introduced me to Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness", which was written in 1902. The movie was a clever adaptation of the original book. McMillin has apparently taken all of these devices a step further, and produced a 120-page book following Conrad's original words with LEGO-enhanced photos. There is a preview feature of some of the pages in his book within the link above.

On-line self-publishing sites still aren't going to upset the major players in the print and publishing world, but ideas such as this, along with the tools the Internet offers today, allow people like McMillin and myself, the opportunity to place our work into the open, to see what echoes back.
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