Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Drinking, for many, can be close to religion. And when I think of religion I naturally turn an eye toward the Icons of faith: the Christian cross, statues of Buddha, the Star of David, the Hindu cow, Egyptian obelisks.

Years ago my friends and I worshipped at the Lion’s Head pool table at Joe’s Cellar on NW 21st. A place where it was dark even in the afternoon, you could find Hank William’s Jr. on the juke, Crown-and-Cokes for $3, and it was just dank and smoky enough to keep the trendies away. Today it seems you can hear Cash or Williams anywhere in the city, that old jukebox at Joe’s has been replaced by something neon and digital, and trendies have established a home there on the weekends.

Times change, and a new generation arrives in the city every summer. But I still find time to make it back and pay homage to the Lion’s Head table for 9-ball every now and again.

Where are your Icons in this bar town? Feel free to share your photographs...

------------Shameless plug for the book, Shots of Portland. -----------


Colin said...

probably one of my favorite places to drink Dave. Keep the posts coming man. Great book!

Distilled Publishing said...

Thanks man. Good to hear some words from the bay area.