Sunday, February 18, 2007

Portland's Bar Book

This entry marks the beginning of the Distilled Publishing blog. Distilled Publishing, LLC, was founded in 2006. The first book we published is a coffee-table book about the bars of Portland entitled, Shots of Portland.

The book took the entire year of 2006 to produce. It is 118 pages of history, photographs, and anecdotes about some of the better known bars in the city.
The purpose of this blog is of course to help promote the book, but it time the hope is that the blog will become much more than just a marketing vehicle. Print on-demand publishing is gaining wide acceptace and is becoming economically sound. While I will continue to post content that was gathered for the book (but edited out due to length), I would also like to open up discussions for those interested in pursuing a collaboration with Distilled Publishing in other book projects.

Until the next post, feel free to check out the book (a preview of the first 16 pages is available when you click on the link above) and please let us know your thoughts.

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