Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The History of Beer in Portland

This is a great overview of the brewing history in Oregon(thanks to TravelPortland):

Beer Media Kit
The History of Beer in Portland

German brewer Henry Saxer settles in Portland and opens Liberty Brewery.

Henry Weinhard, a young German immigrant, moves to Portland. With a partner – the aptly named George Bottler – he establishes Portland's second brewery, City Brewery.

Saxer sells Liberty Brewery to Henry Weinhard.

Weinhard buys Bottler's interest in City Brewery in what is now Portland's Pearl District. (The modern Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company, Inc., operated at this site until 1999.) Henry Weinhard's lager becomes famous throughout the Northwest and is shipped as far away as China and Siberia.

The complete history up to 2007 is here.

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Jeremiah said...

WOow I didnt realize that the microbrews of the Northwest went this far back.

Distilled.Publishing@gmail.com said...

Well I will have some more history on beer and liquor coming up. Aside from brewing beer and the efforts of Weinhard, others more prominent in this city's early development made their original money from the liquor trade... items I found while researching the new book

Anonymous said...

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