Friday, June 1, 2007

History of The Goose Hollow Inn - and Dancing

"Dedicated to Quality Draft, Fine Food, Pleasant Music, and Stimulating Company. We're also dedicated to extremes of opinion, hoping that a livable marriage will result. If physical violence is your nature, either develop your verbal abilities or leave."

This is the motto the former mayor of Portland Bud Clark adopted when he took over the Anne's Place (formerly known as the Canyon Lunch) in 1967 and renamed it The Goose Hollow Inn.

Clark's first bar, The Spatenhaus, was acquired by the city for development of the Keller Fountain in 1965. The booths within The Goose came from that bar.

Within walking distance of major media outlets and government offices, Clark calls his pub 'Portland's living room'. A place of conversation and debate, where the television is only turned on for the Super Bowl and the World Series.

Notably The Goose was the first bar to allow dancing. A local legislator, who liked to dance after a few beers, had the old law changed when he was told it was against city ordinances.

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