Monday, April 23, 2007

A Call from Florida

This week I am down in the capitol of Tallahasse on a business trip. The only true nightlife I am able to find are the ever-circling moths that dash about the street light in the parking lot of my hotel as I stagger back from the office at an ungodly hour. As for the bars, though I have not had time to bend an arm in one, I can tell you there is a lot of flavor down here. Catering to both locals, and the Gator alumi.

Things these past weeks have been so-so, McMenamins loved my book, they thought it was great and asked to carry it. The problem however, my book is self-published, making it rather costly to produce on-demand. Unfortunately the price which would have allowed McMemanins to carry the book, would have cost me money, an no where near a break-even. Breaking-even I might have gone with, after all this experience was about creating the book and sharing it. I was never in it for the profits. But time goes on, and soon you might find some copies of the book soon at a local art dealer on SW 10th and Morrison, by the MAX stop. Even if you wouldn't buy it, flip though some pages, and let me know.

The word apparently is getting out as well that I am seeking other like minded individuals to collaborate with me on my next project. It wont be about bars, but I am thinking of something devoted to the streets, and street life in Portland, both from today, and days long passed. If you might be a writer, artist, or photographer and would like to join in this adventure, let me know. I have been contacted by a writer and two photographers to date.

Here is a shout to a website for a photographer who might help on this new collaboration:

Back in a few, and warmer days are ahead.

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Strayer said...

I love McMenamins. When I go up to Recycled Gardens to volunteer, like dig plants or something, Keni, POPPA Inc's President, takes me to lunch at Rock Creek McMenamins. One good beer and I"m rocked and useless at the nursery, pretty much.

I bet Keni would let you sell your book out at Recycled Gardens. Well maybe she would.

Well I promised to comment, from Dan's blog, and I did. You're welcome. Job well done, I think.